I'm an Austin Texas based photographer.  I specialize in automobile, motor sport, and aviation photography.  In short, if it has a motor...  
I've always had a passion for fast cars, planes, really anything that roared or soared.  With the opening of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, it gave me the opportunity to indulge that passion.  I found a wonderful creative outlet to be able to combine my passion for those incredible objects, along with capturing moments that showcased how I felt about them.  My photography is done to help others find the passion in these subjects that drives the pursuit of speed and flight.  
I'm self taught, and enjoy teaching immensely.  Sharing my knowledge with someone who has a similar passion for their work is something I find incredibly rewarding.  
If you have a project that you think my style would suit, please don't hesitate to contact me just because an engine isn't involved.  I have a broad range of photographic interests, and I'd love to find my next great passion starting with your project.
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