Introduction to Digital Photography - 2 hours
This course covers the basics of photography of for the new photographer.  We'll discuss what exposure is, how to relates to your images, and how we can change and modify it to make it reflect how you see an image in your mind.  The basics of how YOUR digital camera works will be covered.  At the end of the session you'll have a good idea of how to use YOUR camera, as well as having a good understand of how you can capture the images you want.  
Photo Walk - 2 hours
While the word "walk" is in the title, this session can be indoors, outdoors, moving or static.  The goal is be out and taking pictures, learning to capture images that mirror what you see in your mind.  If you don't have a particular subject you'd like to work on, a variety of unique locations are available around town that can be used as a general skill builder.  If multiple locations are to be used, travel time is part of the 2 hour session.  Entrance fees to a location or event that the client requests is the client's responsibility for both themselves and the instructor.  Manifold photography reserves the right to refuse certain locations and events due to safety or liability concerns.  Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions about your prefered location or event.  
Intro to Digital Photography and Photo Walk - 4 hours
Combining the previous two courses, this class is designed to take you from a new camera owner with little prior photography knowledge to a knowledgeable beginning photographer.  You will  get you comfortable with your camera, understand basic photographic theory, and have a chance to practice with an instructor giving you help and guidance.
Custom Photography Instruction - 1 hour
If you have a specific photography area that you'd like assistance with, this is the course for you.  Everything from how to get the most from your specific camera body, to portfolio reviews are available.  Please contact us prior to purchase so we can ensure that we can provide you the instruction you are after.  
Introduction to Photography with Film - 2 hours
This two hour course will give the new film photographer a solid basis in understanding the wonderful world of film.  The course will cover basic photography principles, with an emphasis on how they apply to film.  Afterwards it's all about learning the hows and why of working with film in YOUR camera.  When scheduling please specify if you'd like to work with black and white (B&W) or color film.  One (1) roll of film (B&W or color is students choice) is included with the class, developing, and printing and/or scanning costs are the students responsibility.  
Beyond Natural Light - Flash and Off Camera Lighting Instruction- 3 Hours
This course is designed to give the student an understanding on how to utilize additional lighting in a scene.  This course focuses on additional lighting options such as speedlights or studio strobes both on and off camera to achieve balanced lighting in a scene.  Please specify indoor or outdoor photography when scheduling your course.  A 3 light setup is provided for student use, but it is recommended students bring any gear they already have.
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